Suggested Usage: Morning 1, Night 1 Tablet after food Or as Recommended by Healthcare Specialist.

Product Features:
  1. Exclusively designed Calcium supplement for Osteoporosis, Cardio & diabetic patients
  2. Ideal calcium supplement for Adults above 40 yrs, Post-Menopausal Women and people with Cardiac and Diabetic problems.

Product Benefits:

  1. Reduces risk of Osteoporosis.
  2.  Helps in Calcium Distribution at the destined site.
  3.  Ideal in Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis.
  4.  Beneficial for Bone Health.
  5.  Ideal Calcium Supplement for Cardiac and Diabetic Patients Reduces Calcification in arteries.

OSTEOFIT K2, A specifically designed calcium supplement for Osteoporosis, Cardiac & Diabetic Patients. It contains Calcium Citrate Malate a water-soluble calcium, better than other alkaline forms of calcium such as calcium carbonate, it has better bioavailability which improves bone density.Calcitriol is most active metabolite of Vitamin D3, and effective in treatment for osteoporosis by improving the bone mass and reduces the fracture risk. Vitamin K2 is beneficial for activating osteocalcin (Calcium regulating protein). Which is important for long term bone health and improves bone density in Post-Menopausal women and reduces Osteoporosis. helps in calcium absorption in bone and keeps calcium out of the arteries, helps in cardiac health in cardiac & diabetic Patients, Zinc Stimulates DNA Synthesis in Osteocytes and improves bone health